What Type Of New Carpeting Should A Courtroom Get?

When you walk into a courtroom, there is a certain sense of awe, right? It could be the judge’s bench, the jury box, the silent and stale calm, knowing that action has taken place so many times there. It’s the overall feeling, but every physical aspect of a courtroom is important in producing that feeling. We’re talking the judge’s bench all the way down to the courtroom carpeting. When a courtroom gets new carpeting, the choice made is important for many reasons.

One big reason has already been pointed out. The carpeting in a courtroom needs to match everything else, and of course, we’re not just talking about simple matching in design. That’s obvious for any room, but the courtroom carpeting should help project the image that a courtroom is supposed to project if you get my drift. If you walked into a courtroom that had Winnie the Pooh carpeting, what would you think? That’s an extreme example, just a little joke, but seriously, it needs to be representative of the particular qualities of a courtroom inside a courthouse with lawyers, judges, politicians and more.

Lots of important cases are going to go through that courtroom, and it was already mentioned that there are certainly other factors in play. For example, a carpet needs to be of a commercial type to withstand the traffic that goes through that room on a daily basis. Just imagine walking into a courtroom with cheap apartment carpeting. That would not only look funny, but it would be worn out in a week. Commercial Berber or some other type of carpeting should be considered, not only for durability standards but also for stability as people are walking around. No one enjoys walking up to meet the judge all nervous and tripping over the carpet or their own feet.

Have you ever seen someone trip walking up to talk to the judge when called? I seem to recall that happening in traffic court one time, not to me but to someone else as I sat there waiting to listen to 100 names get called before mine. Isn’t that how it always goes when you’re in traffic court? Why does a courtroom have to have to carpet anyway? Well, it’s really what fits. Tile flooring would represent more of a cold atmosphere. Think about churches, too. They have to carpet inside, as it represents a more warm environment.

Courtrooms already make people feel in awe or even a bit nervous of course. The carpeting helps soothe people a little bit. Now, there is also another big factor, and that’s the comfort factor. When people are sitting or standing on tile or wood flooring, their feet hurt. You’re already told to rise and told to sit still in a court room. The benches you’re or seats you’re in might even not be comfortable depending on the rest of the courtroom setup. However, your feet will at least have some relief with cushioned carpeting. Those are the important factors when choosing what new carpeting the courtroom is going to get.